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I.A.S. is a showcase of today's top salon industry educators who are deeply passionate about sharing their talent and expertise with other salon professionals. The focus of unfiltered education is to fill the minds of salon professionals with the skills, techniques, tools and learning insights that drive and grow our businesses.


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Eric Charles

Originally from NY is a highly sought after, passionate and creative hair color artist and educator. Proud of his 20 years of experience as an educator, and certified by top companies such as L’Oreal and Aveda. Eric is an active colorist, salon owner, color director/educator and author of "The Salon Industry Business Artist." Eric continues to strive for industry change and offers heavy hitting color and business classes that push you into a new zone. Eric's passion lives in hair color and educating salons. Eric has dedicated himself to becoming an independent educator without the rules and politics of hair color companies. This allows his heavy hitting no holds barred self-branding style of truthful and applicable education. This passion is what led Eric to create I.A.S. to bring a raw unfiltered education experience to the masses.




At 18 years old, Lobetta began his hairdressing career at Ricci Burns’€™s Salon on London’s Kings Road in Chelsea. After a year-and-a-half of studying, practicing and working late, Ricci gave Lobetta the opportunity to do a cover and editorial shoot for 19 magazines. He was then promoted to artistic director. From there, Lobetta moved on to work at Michael John in London’s  Mayfair and then embarked on three salon ventures of his own.This taught him that his work was better suited for editorial, advertising and image creation. In 1985, he was approached by Sebastian International and became the company’s creative director for 23 years. Robert is one of the most influential hair artist of all time and has been called the Salvador Dali of the hair world.




Charlie Price is one of the most recognizable faces in the North American salon industry. His performances as a popular platform artist and educator are filled with smart soundbites, useful information and quick easy techniques for the salon, all delivered in his fun irreverent style. Charlie has had his photo work published worldwide and has collaborated with haircare manufacturers such as Aveda, Revlon Professional, TIGI, Roux, Rusk and now he is the International Creative Consultant for Scruples Haircare. Price is also known for having won many industry awards. He is a two time NAHA North American Hairstylist of the Year award winner in 2002 and 2008 (the first American to do so), the first ever NAHA People’s Choice award winner in 2011 (he has a career total of 24 NAHA nominations) and he was named Canadian Mirror Awards International Hairstylist of the Year in 2007 (a title which he has been nominated for 6 times).



Misael is an internationally renowned master colorist, a masterful manipulator of light, educator and the International Color Director for Oligo Professional. With his infectious enthusiasm and innovative visuals, Misael teaches a revolutionary approach to hair color placement through his highly acclaimed classes and captivating hair shows. Misael shares his creative vision with colorists of all experience levels to educate and inspire the beauty industry.




In his 35+ years in the hair and fashion industry Albie has worked in over 35 countries around the globe. Celebrity and editorial hair stylist, Albie Mulcahy uses a modern approach, redefining creativity and excellence in the world of hair artistry. Albie travels the world to bring advanced techniques to his team from the streets and runways of high-fashion cities such as NYC, London, Tokyo and LA. He has even had the pleasure and honor of being one of the few American hairdresser’s to be invited to work at the very Prestige Alternative Hair Show in London England. Albie believes in strong education and forward thinking and brings these believes to his St. Petersburg salon, VLVT.




Philip began his career in the industry in 2006 where he began working in a small salon outside of Phoenix. Within a few months, he began working for AVEDA corporation as a trainer and then Supervisor. His passion for education and some would even say his attention to detail are what set him apart. Philip spends countless hours of his free time on continuing education both in state and out of state. If Philip isn't in the salon, chances are He is at a hair show or in a class out of state! He represents a new generation of incredible talent and is known for his ultra-innovation pixelated haircolor.




Vince Smith of Vince Smith Hair Experience, NYC brings the artistry of Hair and Makeup to a new plateau. A shear genius when it comes to personally working with clients, Vince ensures that the look he creates will reflect his client’s lifestyle and personality, whether it’s classic, trendy or an innovative combination of both. From shiny, luxurious hair color and precision cuts to glamorous Red Carpet-ready hairstyles and makeup, Vince Smith and his Hair Experience Team of talented professionals have received applause from beauty editors, fashion editors, journalists and bloggers on a local, national and international level.



Alessandro Sturaro’s professional roots have always been

in the world of hairdressing, a family tradition. He began 30 years ago as a colour technician, and has over the years worked his way up to become an International Education Manager. His work is varied and covers many aspects of hairdressing, his other main role is product development.

In 2014 he joined ALTER EGO to become part

of the  Pettenon S.P.A  technical division.